Open Letter to Neil Watson from a Former Supporter he used

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Original Post Date: 2006-11-29  Posted By: Jan

From the News Archives of: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org
Date & Time Posted: 11/29/2006
Open Letter to Neil Watson from a Former Supporter he used

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Open Letter to Neil Watson from a Former Supporter he used

From the News Archives of: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org

Date & Time Posted: 11/29/2006

Open Letter to Neil Watson from a Former Supporter he used

[Hi T,
My apologies in my normal rush for not getting around to catching up with your post in particular yet. However, JoAn kindly impressed its urgency on me. Thanks for the banking details of “Neil Watson” (which are in fact JD Uys). I’ve seen that now from two other people. I actually forwarded your post to someone who is investigating the matter. I don’t have your other contact details… perhaps you did leave them, I’ll check with JoAn.

I’m going to post your message, minus some editing of his banking details… I think people should see it.

I will tell you, I am quite sure that Neil Watson (J D Uys actually!) reads my website or gets news from here. Judging by his past reactions I am sure here comes here or someone forwards him stuff.

T, I am aware of certain “CESA developments” which someone on the inside told me about in the deepest of confidence. So let me just tell you to keep watching this site. When it becomes public knowledge I’ll publish it.

While Neil/Juan may have broken your trust and the trust of others who stood by him and who gave to him freely from their hard-earned cash… not to mention that you stood around giving out pamphlets even at the taxi ranks… really, I take my hat off to you lady. You have done marvellously. This country could do with more caring and GO GETTER people like YOU! You and the many others who did their bit for those protests should be proud of yourselves. You had more GUTS than your LEADER did. Your leader is a shocking shame – to himself. That he called on others to do things which HE did not have the guts for is despicable. As for his excuses for not appearing… they are pathetic beyond belief.

T, there is a person inside CESA, even now, whom I will not mention who is still working away, firmly in the belief that Neil is not Juan! This poor person still CANNOT BELIEVE that Neil is such a loser that he would lie about his identity. I wanted to tell you that, because later, this poor person will surely be so EMBITTERED… This person will feel many times worse than you do. One day I’ll explain why… and then you’ll see my point…

T, I am sorry about the money you donated, and the time you took, but I’d like to say, DESPITE Neil/Juan, don’t feel bad. Firstly you did good. But Secondly, despite him being a loser and a wimp, this story will not just end with Neil. There is more… keep watching… the story has NOT played itself out fully. I know for a fact, that other things are in the pipeline. In many ways, the game has only just started… and there are many more actors than just Neil/Juan.

What DISGUSTS me about Neil/Juan is the way he makes up the most pathetic childish excuses for his own “safety”. He can’t reveal himself because people are hunting him… and he’s been “mugged” and had “death threats”. I wonder if Neil has EVER had DEATH THREATS. If there should be someone who gets DEATH THREATS it should be me… and from time to time I get the odd nasty message… but I find it hard to believe that Neil/Juan got more THREATS than I have!! If the supposed “threats” against Neil/Juan were REAL – sure, I’d have sympathy. But in reality… from my perspective… I’ll bet he has had nothing of the kind. But he puts on a big act.

What kind of “leader” is he, when others get on the ground and face the music and he hides away thinking up childish excuses. That’s been his pattern all along. He never could just come out and be a man about things – even about his own identity. But I tell you, he’s living in a fool’s paradise. He is “on the run” – for real. People have confirmed that. But that’s nothing… finding him is easy. They’ll find him… the Police will find him. When they arrest him we’ll see who he really is.

I just find it despicable that he expected more of others than he was willing to do himself.

People have suggested that I organise protests. In the past, we did discuss such things. But I have a bit of experience with protests – having helped some Zimbabweans – and I know more about how it works, and I decided that for my particular area of interest, it would serve no purpose. So I don’t do that – for many reasons.

Frankly, if he was not up to it, he could have stuck to doing the website. I was always wary of what he was doing, and I cringed when I heard the stuff. I just told another CESA supporter that one must not make PROMISES one cannot keep. Do not delude people into thinking things are possible that are not possible. Empty promises – that’s the calibre of the ANC. That’s their style. But reasonable people who wish to keep their credibility… need to steer clear of that.

I am sure your open letter to Neil/Juan will reach him. I am sure CESA people will pass this back to him.

But the wheel is turning… the wheel is turning… He is already history… and he could get into trouble… and even end up in jail.

Better things might come of this. You never know. So be proud of the part you played. You did good. Nobody can take that away from you.

I’d like to say, that ANYONE out there who did go to the protests to do their bit… you can all be proud of yourselves. Neil Watson is not the alpha and the omega of S.Afrcan crime fighting. There will be other opportunities. People ARE sick of crime… and others will take his place. Already there is the new group: ANGRY ABOUT CRIME… there might even be others. So don’t be despondent. Stick around. Plenty of people feel the way you do. And maybe you can look back one day and be proud that you helped to get the ball rolling!! Jan]

Dear Jan
I was an avid supporter of Neil Watson and CESA, I logged on religiously every day. I collected the pamphlets and distributed them myself in my area (at taxi ranks nogal!). Pamphlets were to spread the word for the demonstrations at the Sandton Convention Centre in Sept. I also donated to him R600.00 of my hard earned cash (R300.00 per month) now I know this is not a lot compared to what some other people contributed, but heck, I could have done something better with the money! I stood at the demo’s (first day only) and didnt go back the next day as I was so despondent that Neil didn’t arrive (he had received “death threats” and was advised by Police to keep clear of the area.) He didn’t rock up next day either as he was “mugged”. Herewith a copy and paste of the banking details I received by email from him to send my contributions to:

Will this account help you?


Are you in South Africa?

Kind regards

Neil Watson

I also spoke to him on the phone a couple of times as I was helping co-ordinate with the distribution of pamplets, etc and with the demonstrations at the SICC. (I must say that I agree with you Jan, about the way he sounded on the phone. At first I thought somebody was playing a prank on me.)

I am deeply disappointed and upset with Mr Watson/Uys and hoping that he reads your website, I have the following to say:

Mr Watson/Uys

I hope you are ashamed of yourself and I hope you get what’s coming to you. I am disgusted that you took so many people for such a ride. You are a huge disappointment to me any many others. The wheel turns Mr. Watson/Uys, of this I am sure.

Dear T,
It is heartbreaking indeed to find oneself betrayed and especially at a time when everyone needs to pull together. A united front is so important. CESA provided hope to many. We will not allow one man to destroy that hope. Crime in SA is an issue that must be addressed and it will be. The people are going to raise their voices to a higher pitch and somehow, someway, THEY WILL BE HEARD! The reality is that we can take this blow and come up fighting harder than ever. We can use what we have learned to guard against this type of thing from happening again. You are so right. What goes around, comes around and we here at African Crisis plan to stay on the high road, even if it is a slower path to take. The rewards will be greater in the end. We are sorry that you and others lost hard earned money, money that many could ill afford to loose. There is a scripture in Proverbs that says: “A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.” Proverbs 13:22 Take heart, plans are in the making to move forward. Stay in touch. African Crisis will do it’s best to keep everyone aware of the latest news.
Kind Regards,