The REAL Legacy of the Boer War & the Rhodesian war

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Original Post Date: 2006-06-30  Posted By: Jan

From the News Archives of: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org
Date & Time Posted: 6/30/2006 3:35:13 AM
The REAL Legacy of the Boer War & the Rhodesian war

The REAL Legacy of the Boer War & the Rhodesian war

From the News Archives of: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org

Date & Time Posted: 6/30/2006 3:35:13 AM

The REAL Legacy of the Boer War & the Rhodesian war

[A Rhodesian dropped me a note (which I will post later), as it was his first visit to my site. He spoke of how some forward-thinking whites in the UK warned Britain of the dangers of Mass Third World Migration. He lamented that nobody listened.

Now my view is becoming this:
It is for those of us, with the mental capacity to see the dangers, to go out there and “work on”, “propagandise”, “spread the truth”, “wake people up” and “act as leaders” – for the others.

Many people, when confronted with the facts, can be turned around. The situation in this world is so bad that it is not difficult for people to see that White people are heading for the Rubbish heap of history if they don’t start taking action.

BUT… White people are far from finished as a force. Remember, we do not need to outnumber our enemies in order to win.

I wrote to the Rhodesian and said to him, that the REAL LEGACY of Rhodesia, is the fact that you can fight an enemy that is twenty times as numerous as you, and still you can hang in there. Towards the end… the odds were probably closer to 30:1.

The same is true of the Boer war. In the end, the Boers were overrun by sheer numbers. But one must not look on these situations and just throw your hands in the air.

There are tens of millions, maybe even hundreds of millions, of whites out there in the big wide world, waiting to be converted to more conservative values, and if we each “do our bit”, we can kick off that process. And if we encourage others to join, then we can yet one day play a major role in saving what is left of Western Civilisation.

We have many potential friends. There are millions of people in Europe and America who could be “turned into Boers” or “turned into Rhodesians”. We must stop thinking small… we must start thinking big… because this situation really exists.

We must stop thinking: “Oh we are only 250,000 Rhodesians” or “we are only 3 million Afrikaners”. Why can’t we end up saying: “We are 5 million Rhodesians” or “We are 20 million Afrikaners!”

Do you get my drift? We have plenty of potential allies. Plenty of “Honorary Afrikaners” or “Honorary Rhodesians” waiting to be “converted” to our cause.

We are in a very unique situation. We bore the brunt of the strike against the Western world. We were the first ones singled out for DESTRUCTION. Our experiences are highly relevant. We’ve experienced terrorism (which is now on the lips of everyone on this planet) and we know how racial issues can be used to weaken whites and to make them all limp-wristed instead of being the powerful DECISIVE force they once were.

We have PLENTY of insights to offer the world. We have much we can contribute to whites who live in Australia, the USA, Canada or Europe. Problems they are experiencing now, or which will get worse, are things we have lived through.

So I think we need to assume a type of “leadership role”, and start getting out there and fighting the war which needs to be fought to save what is left of Western Civilisation. We must stop sitting in our corner, and get out there, and start waging that Guerilla PROPAGANDA *WAR*… unceasingly… unrelentingly… because the FACTS and the TRUTH are on our side. And in this process, of waging such an incessant war, one by one, we can build the ties and links we need to also SAVE OURSELVES.

Look at our enemies. You cannot tell me, that our enemies are just winning. Our enemies are up to their eyeballs in their own problems.

The way to change the world, truly, is to work on it at a GRASS ROOTS LEVEL. Ultimately… all power comes from The People… and if you convert enough people… then they will make things happen. The Unthinkable, then actually becomes possible.

Let us not forget that the Boer War and the Rhodesian War showed what the few can do against the many. All we need to do is to “increase our numbers”, by winning NEW ALLIES… and bringing foreigners into our ranks… and one day we will be strong enough to win!

For years now, I have said that Rhodesia will outlive Zimbabwe. And the more I watch Mugabe, the more I think that Rhodesia has a great future for it. Some days ago, I even suggested to an Ndebele guy in the UK, that whites should get 10% of Zimbabwe as their own, if they help to drive out Robert Mugabe. We whites must start THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX… thinking wider and greater thoughts, and start getting active. You never know what we can achieve.

But what we do know that has been proven, is that the FEW can pack quite a PUNCH… against many times their number. Never underestimate what we can achieve… if we have the drive and the will. Jan]