Medical Detectives: Sex with a dying woman…

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Original Post Date: 2004-01-12  Posted By: Jan

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Date & Time Posted: 1/12/2004 6:31:54 AM
Medical Detectives: Sex with a dying woman…

I love the Medical Detectives TV series. I find Forensic science fascinating. However, in watching so many episodes, one sees really really sick things, which reinforce in my mind the thought that the death penalty is badly needed everywhere in the world. Like the mother who lured her children downstairs to sleep with her and then she stabbed them all to death with a kitchen knife, or the woman who poisons other people to draw attention to her own husband’s death because then she can collect extra insurance money on him (because the coroners missed the fact that he’d been poisoned), or the farmer who plants a bomb in his car in the hope it will kill his wife… There are so many plots, each unique, and some incredibly sick.

But last night I saw an episode that really got to me and which I just can’t forget. It happened in Richmond, USA. A black man broke into a white woman’s apartment. As she lay in her bed asleep, he stabbed her once through her heart. As she was dying slowly (it took her 8-10 minutes to die), he had sex with her and sodomised her… as she was dying…

He never stole anything. He just did this because apparently he’d made sexual advances on her and she had refused them. This was his payback.

All he got was life, and even the prosecutors admit he will probably walk out on the street. They all said how much they believed he deserved to DIE, but despite their brilliant forensic science they couldn’t pull it off.

I must admit, the more I watch Medical Detectives, and the more I see extremely horrible crimes, and how FEW of these murderers get the death penalty in the USA (in South Africa even less get life – we don’t have death penalty), it outrages me. I am becoming a firm believer that one needs a hangman in every country, and he must be hard at work despatching these sick, sick, evil, disgusting people from the face of this earth.