Ten Years After Apartheid (1994-2004): The Raw Facts

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Original Post Date: 2004-05-23 Published on: ETHERZONE.COM&nbsp  Posted By: Jan

SubTitle: How the Liberal Experiment in South Africa has failed

So, how did South Africa do after Ten Years without white rule? Decide for yourself, these are the
raw facts as gleaned from various news stories in South Africa.

South Africa’s first “democratic election” was held on 27th April 1994.

Here are the things you will never see in the major news media regarding post-Apartheid South Africa:-

  • In 10 years 1(43)+ million South Africans, mostly blacks, lost their jobs due to the ANC’s creeping socialism. (Note: The figure of 1 million was valid in 1999. Since then millions more have lost their jobs – but nobody has said exactly how many)
  • Unemployment is at a staggering 45%(43)+ – much worse than under white rule & worse than the 30% unemployment in the USA during the Great Depression
  • 1 million whites stand to lose their jobs in the coming years to Affirmative Action
  • 1,450(43)+ White commercial farmers were murdered & our food production is being threatened by “Land Reform”
  • They say by 2014, 30% of commercial farmland will be owned by blacks
      though I think it will happen much sooner & on a much bigger scale
  • 115,000 land claims by blacks have been processed so far – and millions of hectares of land have been handed over to them
  • There are farms in South Africa, which were prosperous when run by whites, which were handed over to blacks. These farms then collapsed after 2(43)+ years of black management and are now derelict
  • We are the rape capital of the world… it is conservatively estimated that we have 50,000 rapes per annum
  • 21,500 children were raped in 2000
  • 40% of rape survivors are under 18…
  • 1,231 children under 5 were raped in 13 months by blacks believing in AIDS myths. Many babies who are raped die…
  • We are now an international drug-smuggling route, comparable to Colombia…
  • We export cannabis grown by blacks…
  • We are the largest users of mandrax in the world…
  • 150-200 Police are shot dead annually by violent criminals…
  • Our Police have the highest suicide rate in the world…
  • Our society is 7 times more violent (per capita) than the USA…
  • In violent crimes, we match Russia & Colombia…
  • Crime is so high the Govt put a moratorium on the release of crime statistics for a year & fudged them ever since…
  • The Democratic Alliance (conservatively) estimates there are 300,000 robberies per annum
  • Our prisons are often filled to capacity (170,000(43)+) & then thousands are let go, sometimes without being charged…
  • In January 2004, it was reported that some of our prisons are 300% over capacity…
  • In March 2004, it was reported that the prison population was 180,000…
  • Mandela’s “Birthday Present” to the country (yes they used those words), was to release 9,000 criminals…
  • Murderers have been “forgiven” by our Presidents, only to murder again…
  • On 3rd March 2004, on SABC TV3 News it was announced that to “Celebrate Ten Years of Democracy” they might let thousands of prisoners go free…
  • More prisons have been built after Apartheid but even that is not enough to cope with the crime wave…
  • More blacks are in our prisons after Apartheid than before. (They no longer fear the Police)…
  • The ANC LOVES criminals. They gave them the vote! It was announced that over 100,000 prisoners would be registered & allowed to vote
  • Some criminals were afraid of being registered to vote. They feared if their finger-prints were taken they’d be implicated in other yet undiscovered crimes!!
    (My question is how they can be in prison in the first place without being fingerprinted!!
    Strange things happen in this country!)
  • We had 10 years of peace, with no international sanctions and yet, the much-awaited boom never came
  • Our socialist economy dribbles along. GDP growth is estimated at 1.3% per annum which compares weakly with (sometimes) double digit growth rates under white rule.
  • The Democratic Alliance estimates that 6% GDP growth is possible even now if the economy was run better.
  • In the Johannesburg (Gauteng) area, 80% of self-help schemes for blacks have failed since 1994
  • Let there be no illusions where the ANC wants to take us. They support & give money to: Zimbabwe, Haiti & DRC (Zaire) who are ruled by Socialist Dictators who suppress even the blacks!
  • In the April 2004 election the ANC finally attained its goal of getting 66% vote
  • This means they can change the constitution at will and no other political party can stop them
  • This is what Robert Mugabe was able to do before he took 95% of the land from 4,500 white farmers
  • The ANC got 70% of the votes (although the IFP complained that there were 42 election irregularities in KwaZulu/Natal alone)
  • Now that we are officially, and legally the latest One Party State in Africa, we will walk the path of others like Zimbabwe where eventually nobody, not even the blacks, have any freedom any more…
  • South Africa’s economy, employment & crime rates were better when the world hated us and we had civil strife
  • In the end, the only winners were the handful of the new Wealthy Black Super Elite…

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