SA: Suidlanders’ Gustav Muller in court on fraud charges, Balfour municipality

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Original Post Date: 2008-01-09 Time: 00:00:00  Posted By: Adriana

The alleged leader of an extremist religious group – Die Suidlanders – appeared in the Balfour magistrate’s court on Wednesday on charges of fraud, police said.

Police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Vishnu Naidoo said Gustav Muller was alleged to have defrauded the Balfour municipality of approximately R92 000.

The case has been postponed to January 22.

Muller also appeared in the Bloemhof magistrate’s court in the Klerksdorp Magisterial district on Tuesday on charges of possession of unlicensed firearm.

Muller was arrested on December 13, 2007, at a caravan park in Mossel Bay.

He had been on the run from police for being in possession of an illegal sub-machine gun.

“His two co-accused – Henk Du Preez and Sune Burger – are currently out on bail of R20 000 and R10 000 respectively,” said Naidoo.

Muller has been remanded in custody until January 21 for a formal bail application.

The Suidlanders shot to public notice last year as the organisation behind the Nelson Mandela “hoax emails”, feverishly circulated on the Internet.

Claiming the authorities had covered up Mandela’s death to avoid “mass hysteria”, it called on Afrikaners to stockpile fuel and food and to assemble at certain points for their safety. – Sapa