S.Africa: Forming a United Front against so-called Land Reform

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Original Post Date: 2005-06-20  Posted By: Jan

From the News Archives of: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org
Date & Time Posted: 6/20/2005
S.Africa: Forming a United Front against so-called Land Reform

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S.Africa: Forming a United Front against so-called Land Reform

From the News Archives of: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org

Date & Time Posted: 6/20/2005

S.Africa: Forming a United Front against so-called Land Reform

[Excellent! Excellent! I am pleased to see that Commercial Farmers in S.Africa are starting to stand together. Even if they lose, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that they fight “Land Reform” TOOTH and NAIL!

I think I will refer to “Land Reform” as “so-called Land Reform” in the future because that is the “Marketing Label” of what is really Communist NATIONALISATION and destruction of all Land Owners. This is 100% Communism, and it is important that we expose their lies, and oppose them as much as possible.

Just the other day, they stated on SABC TV news that a farm valued at a staggering R24 million was handed over to Blacks near Komatipoort. This lovely farm is part of a much larger estate. Even on SABC news they hint at the failure of Black farmers and they talk of finding ways of improving the chances that they will succeed.

It appears to me they are giving the Blacks the finest farms they can lay their hands on in the hope that this will help improve their chances of success. I doubt it will. I think amazingly beautiful and successful farms are being squandered.

It appears to me, the Blacks are taking the finest farms and are now ruining them one by one. Well, it does not take much imagination to realise where this will lead to. In 10 years we”ll be experiencing higher food prices and inflation thanks to this so-called “Land Reform”. Jan]

The General Assembly of TAU SA passed a resolution during its annual meeting to join forces with the National Agri-Land Forum. “The time has arrived for commercial agriculture to join forces to safeguard the property rights of commercial farmers. We can not allow people to fool around with the fundamental right of private property, Mr Paul van der Walt, president of TAU SA said.

The General Assembly took a bold stand and confirmed that a strong position must be taken to form a united front and restrict the impact of land claims on commercial agriculture. Furthermore to prevent that farmers lose their land, homes and occupation or abandon the trade.

œTAU SA and NALF agreed to research and apply every possible means to ensure just, transparent and peaceful ways to finalise land claims”, Mr van der Walt stated.

Die Algemene Raad van TLU SA het op sy raadsvergadering besluit om kragte saam te snoer met die Nasionale Agri Grond Forum. œDie tyd het aangebreek dat die kommersie(171)«le landbou sy kragte saamsnoer om die eiendomsreg van die kommersie(171)«le landbouer te verseker. Daar kan nie met die regte van die kommersie(171)«le boer gespeel word nie, het mnr Paul van der Walt gese(170)ª.

Die Algemene Raad het sterk standpunt ingeneem en verklaar dat alles in die stryd gewerp moet word om met ™n verenigde front die impak van grondeise op die kommersie(171)«le landbou teen te werk en te verhoed dat die boer sy grond, huis en beroep verloor of prys gee en die bedryf verlaat.

œTLU SA en NAGF het ooreengekom om alle moontlikhede te ondersoek om grondeise in die landbou regverdig, billik, en vreedsaam te bestuur en spoedig te laat afhandel, het mnr van der Walt verklaar.

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