Boeremag boss was a double agent

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Original Post Date: 2004-08-25  Posted By: Jan

From the News Archives of: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org
Date & Time Posted: 8/25/2004 4:02:56 PM
Boeremag boss was a double agent

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Boeremag boss was a double agent

From the News Archives of: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org

Date & Time Posted: 8/25/2004 4:02:56 PM

Boeremag boss was a double agent

[Very interesting stuff here… Jan]

Self-confessed Boeremag coup plotter Henk van Zyl on Wednesday accused alleged Boeremag leader Tom Vorster of being a government agent who had been paid R10-million “to sink the whole rightwing organisation”.

Van Zyl, the third state witness in the Boeremag treason trial at the Pretoria High Court, claimed that Pieter Groenewald, son of retired South African Defence Force general Tienie Groenewald, had told him and accused Dirk Hanekom he had obtained information from outside that Vorster worked for the government and had received the money to sink the rightwing organisation.

This was while Groenewald had been incarcerated in the Zonderwater Prison with them.

Judge Eben Jordaan said he viewed the evidence as hearsay and not admissible against the accused and pointed out that Groenewald had nothing to do with the Boeremag.

To questions by Vorster’s counsel, Van Zyl insisted that Vorster had been the man behind a plan to plant bombs in the hope that black people would attack white people and plunge the country into chaos, opening the way for the Boeremag to take over the country.

Vorster denied that he had ever come up with the “absurd” plan to drive black and Indian people out of the country, but Van Zyl insisted that he had told the truth.

“He was the brain behind everything. He was the one who said he was on his way to parliament to see where he could plant a bomb. He was the one who gave us bullets (to shoot ‘traitors’) and said now we’re blood brothers,” he said.

“I manufactured the cylinders (to use for homemade bombs) at his request and other members made explosives. Everything was his idea. He was the leader. We ran along behind him. He cannot now put the blame on me, because he was the brain behind the plan,” Van Zyl said.

He said he had manufactured bombs and tested a homemade detonator at Vorster’s request. He denied that the whole idea of a coup and bombings had been his (Van Zyl’s) and that he and Vorster had in fact butted heads because Vorster was completely opposed to his idea.

Vorster’s counsel put it to Van Zyl that Vorster had returned from the United States to South Africa to start a security company with the goal of preventing crime and creating jobs.

He said the only planning Vorster was involved in was in a defensive capacity and any offensive actions were Van Zyl’s plan.

The trial continues. – Sapa

Source: Independent Online (IOL)