Black Man kills own baby to have sex with Wife

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Original Post Date: 2003-11-25  Posted By: Jan

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Date & Time Posted: 11/25/2003 10:42:50 AM
Black Man kills own baby to have sex with Wife

[Note. He only got 15 years – our pathetic legal system at work. Jan]

Nelspruit – An Mpumalanga father who killed his two-week-old baby girl because he was unwilling to wait the customary three months before having sex with his wife has been jailed for 15 years.

Sibusiso Malaza, 26, of Newscom Trust near White River took full responsibility for the murder, telling a shocked Nelspruit regional court on Tuesday that his own heart prompted him to kill his daughter, Monica.

He said he was as “sober as a judge” when he stabbed Monica once under ribs on February 3.

He said he was frustrated when he couldn’t have sex with his common-law wife, Sonto Mabaso, 19, after the baby was born.

On the day in question he had tried to convince her to sleep with him, but she refused, so he decided to get rid of what he considered the problem – Monica.

He killed her while her mother was washing nappies outside.

He then walked straight past Mabaso while she rushed to the house to attend to the baby’s sudden cries.

When she saw the injury she alerted neighbours and Malaza was arrested.

Malaza said Mabaso had forgiven him and wanted to rebuild their relationship.

He said he had to support Mabaso’s four-year-old child by another man, as well as his own eight-year-old child by another woman in Gauteng

But Mabaso denied she wanted Malaza back and welcomed the sentence.

“He started demanding sex two days after I was discharged from hospital, but our custom doesn’t allow us to have sex for three months,” she said after the sentence.

“Now, because of his own stupidity, he won’t even smell a woman for 15 years.

“A clearly angry Magistrate Andre Geldenhuys said Malaza was the most dangerous father he had ever came across.

“How can you father a child and then a few days later pull out a knife and stab her when she couldn™t defend itself?

I imagine she may have laughed when you raised the knife, thinking you were playing with her. Instead, you stabbed and killed her.

“He said that if he allowed Malaza to go back into the community, he’d putting his other children’s lives at risk, as well as Mabaso’s.

Source: NEWS24.COM