S.Africa must now spend R1.3 TRILLION to fix up the Electricity chaos!!

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Original Post Date: 2008-03-13 Time: 00:00:00  Posted By: Jan

[And all this folks, comes from Mr Smart-alec President Mbeki and his Cabinet of wankers and fools who decided to ignore the sound advice of engineers with regard to maintenance. Now these complete dopes have created a problem so massive they will not solve it.

I predict: That they will bugger the economy up so much that they won’t even be able to afford the proper investment needed – even by 2025. In fact, chances are, they’ve unleashed such inflation that in 10 years time this R1.3 trillion will be an UNDERESTIMATE! Bunch of clowns and fools. They did better as thieves and murders. That’s their real vocation.

Just watch this complete chaos that they’ve unleashed. They won’t be able to control it or fix it. Jan]

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – South Africa will spend 1.3 trillion rand by 2025 to increase the country’s electricity generation capacity, power utility Eskom said on Thursday.

“In addressing new capacity a lot of investment is going to be made … Eskom is going to spend 1.3 trillion rand on new capacity up to 2025,” Eskom Chief Executive Officer Jacob Maroga said during a press conference.