SA: Boeremag: Siener Van Rensburg is right

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Original Post Date: 2007-10-05 Time: 00:00:00  Posted By: Jan

[Actually, I am delighted to hear Du Toit saying openly that the ANC is behind the farm murders. I believe that myself. Du Toit sounds like a pretty decent guy. Jan]

Boeremag accused Mike du Toit on Thursday told the Pretoria High Court he did not trust the state or police because he believed they were controlled by former terrorists.

Du Toit, a Herstigte Nasionale Party (HNP) supporter, said not only did he and many others distrust the police, he also believed the ANC government was behind farm attacks and murders.

Du Toit has an honours degree in history and a master’s degree in philosophy. He was a high school teacher and also a lecturer in history at Vista University for many years.

He told the court he had “never had problems with blacks”, had a philosophical interest in religion and believed in religious tolerance.

Du Toit has studied the prophesies of Boer prophet Siener Van Rensburg and firmly believed that the visions regarding the future of South Africa – which he said entailed large-scale black-on-white violence “after the death of a person” – would come true as he said the first precursors to the event had already taken place.

He said one had to view the murder and crime in South Africa against history, and especially the rise of black colonialism and communism, which repeatedly went hand-in-hand with attacks and the eventual scattering of whites in those countries. What happened in the rest of Africa would eventually happen here, he said.

According to Du Toit, he saw farm attacks and murders in South Africa as a continuation of the ANC’s military struggle and of African nationalist and communist warfare against whites.

He saw it as a way to force whites off their farms, to redistribute land and to destroy white land domination in order to establish African colonialism, quoting a long list of Black writers in support of his theory.

Du Toit also believed that the government was deliberately targeting the Afrikaner. He said this could be seen in the attack on Afrikaans schools, the promotion of African town and city names, Black empowerment, affirmative action, the marginalisation of Afrikaans and the misrepresentation of the Afrikaner’s cultural history.

Du Toit told the court of a meeting with a modern day Afrikaner prophet, Sonja Jordaan, who told him the police knew about a planned large scale black-on-white attack.

He said going to the police would not have helped, as they already knew about it. He and many others did not trust the police, because he believed they were controlled by “former terrorists”. The police in any event “did not do their jobs” and “could not even maintain basic law and order on our streets,” he said.

According to Du Toit, he started discussing ways of protecting the Afrikaner in the event of the feared attack, but this had “not entailed sabotage”. He denied he had seen a coup as “the only solution”.

The trial continues. – Sapa