[French] The Horrific Torture & Hell of Bulgarian Nurses in Libya

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Original Post Date: 2007-07-31 Time: 00:00:00  Posted By: Jan

The following address (web site from the french news paper “Le Figaro”) provides you the details about the 8 years spent in jails by the Bulgarians nurses that were released to-day.

The article is in French, but it is the most precise article that I read to-day : no fact are “omitted”.

It is another appaling description of what is on-going in Gaddafi's Lybia.

JAN Replied:
Hi Michael,
I can’t read French so I’ll try and run it through a translator and post the results. The story is terrible indeed!

HERE is the automatic translation:-

Broken destinies of the Bulgarian nurses

Their faces behind the bars of a Libyan court made the turn of the world. Their stories are less known.

ONE needed little of THEM, of a few days and Nassia would have escaped at eight years and half of nightmare. February 6, 1999, it calls its family. She is happy. She soon will be able to tighten in her arms Radoslav, her son 11 year old that she left in Bulgaria a few months earlier. At 33 years, it was not afraid to leave for Libya to offer to its family more. She knew that she would gain wages five times higher. But on February 9, Nassia is stopped with twenty-three other Bulgarian co-operators who work at hospital Al-Fateh of Benghazi, where more than 400 children were infected by the virus of the AIDS. The drama of this contamination was revealed during the summer. The population is revolted, blames the capacity. Culprits are needed. They will be foreign. Taken along in a secret place, Nassia undergoes the worst maltreatments. Stripped, bound, struck with blows of cables, tortured with electricity, victim of sexual violences, it ends up acknowledging what its of torture wants to hear : it inoculated voluntarily the virus of the AIDS to these children. The test is such as it tries to put an end to its days. Without news of it for three months, his/her mother, Stanka, professor of biology, and her husband, Ivan, learn his arrest in the press. Today Radoslav is 20 years old, it studies in Bordeaux. It is there that in December 2006, it learns that the death penalty is confirmed against his/her mother.

Only one visit per annum

Valentina Siropoulo arrives to Libya the same year as Nassia, in February 1998. In one year, his/her son, Lubomir, will finish his secondary studies. To enable him to continue higher studies, it answers the offer of the Bulgarian agency of State Expomed which recruits of the medical personnel. It will not re-examine Lubomir, holder of two controls at the technical university of Sofia, that in 2003. The Libyans allow per annum the families of condemned only the one visit and for a person. After its arrest, Valentina is retained in a center of raising for tracker dogs. Bound, the bandaged eyes, it is left hours in the medium of the dogs. The treatments which it underwent leave him a part of the paralysed face. One month during, it is locked up in silence. Today, it is 48 years old.

Snejana is six years older. His tried to dissuade it to try the Libyan adventure. Once at Benghazi, it is smelled badly at ease, pains to dissimulate with its family her concern. Challenged first once in December 1998, released two days later, it is again stopped in February 1999. Its exhaustion is such, after eight years of prison, which it must be constant when it is necessary for him to attend an audience. At 54 years, with its long gray hair and of the eyes which eat the face to him, Snejana, which suffers from diabetes, appears an old woman, broken. In the suburbs, of Sofia, his/her 28 year old daughter, her 34 year old son and their father, mason, know that it ” is with end “.

In the enclosure of the prison of Jdeida, with 10 kilometers of the center of Tripoli, a ” house ” of appartment was built for the five nurses : a block, composed of two cells, a kitchen and a water room. Snejana divides one of these cells with Valentina and Valia. The joint life is not easy, between women who cannot any more but hope. Valia Tcherveniachka, the ” senior ” at 55 years, arrived to Libya well before the others, in 1984, at the time of the great friendship between the Libyan and Bulgarian “brothers”. It was transferred to the hospital of Benghazi in February 1998. Stopped with it, her husband, Emil, workman of the building, will be released a few hours later. It could join their two daughters and as of the end of the end of 1999, it was (233)√©vertu(233)√© to alert the Bulgarian government on the tortures undergone by the nurses.

” None recovered “

Kristiana, that the Libyans regarded as driving ” plot “, divides the other cell with Nassia. It came in 1991 with its second husband, Zdravko Gueorgiev, a doctor, leaving to his mother the son of its first marriage. Like Nassia, Kristiana Valcheva, which is 48 years old today, will acknowledge. ” It was questioned naked, the bandaged eyes and was beaten. When it disappeared one revived it with electric shocks. One of the police officers extinguished his cigarette on the nails of its feet. When it asked water, one supervising inserted its shoe in the mouth to him. It was doped, I wonder how it remained in life “, tells his mother. Stopped with Kristiana, accused of alcohol traffic, Zdravko are released five years later, but is not authorized to leave Libya. It is him which each week brings food and reading to the nurses. ” No, he says, did not recover from undergone tortures. “

When on May 6, 2004, fell the first sentence from death, Valentina Siropoulo murmured : ” They already killed us. ” does one Return of this certainty?